Stout’s Cider Mill

P.O. Box 1100

Willcox, Arizona 85644


“…that apple place in Arizona…”

Stout’s Cider Mill

                               April 3, 2011


Dear Customers and Friends,


The time has come for us to close the doors of our store,  Stout’s Cider Mill in Willcox, Arizona. The current operating climate has become so hostile to small businesses like ours, that we have been backed into a corner from which there is no further retreat.  We hate to see 25 years of our life’s work evaporate before our eyes, but see no other alternative at this time. 


Wholesale prices are climbing radically.  In the last six months, sugar is up 45%, flour is up 31%, and so on.  Indirect expenses like insurance, taxes, utilities, gasoline, and others have also reflected strongly rising prices.  While all these prices are soaring, our demand and income has dwindled to levels that are far from offsetting.


Therefore, we dismissed all employees and turned off the ovens in the bakery at the close of business on March 29.  We are arranging in-store sales to clean up our inventory, and to liquidate our furniture and equipment. During these close-out days we will have attractive discounts on our non-bakery, in-store merchandise.  If you are interested, watch our website  for the SALE schedules to be posted soon.   


Mrs. Stout and I wish to thank everyone for your loyal patronage, support, and good will over the years.  The friends we have made are really our treasure of accomplishment.  Thank you again.




 Ron and Corinne Stout